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Like many others I have spent the past few weeks thinking about all of the events of 2007. It has been an amazing year for me in the way I learn, those who now make up my professional learning network and my understanding of the ease of connecting with others through the use of web 2.0 tools and the sense of community which exists with so many who I have met through Twitter and my reader. I thank everyone for stretching my thinking and helping me in my goal of being a life long learner.

I read many great blogs written by educational leaders passionate about the education of the world’s youth. I continue to struggle with my own blog in light of those I read, wondering at times what I have to offer, and if this is really something I am cut out to do. I am going to persevere in 2008 to help clarify my thoughts as I begin a new year with an entirely new administration (5 top positions) in my district. I have felt stagnant since summer, but now the people are in place and my hopes are I will have the opportunity to share what I have learned in the past year from my network and we will truly begin to embed collaborative tools into classroom practices. This will be a challenge for me, the new administration believes in the use of technology for data collection, using the data to drive instruction, not necessarily using technology to make global connections or work in collaboration classroom to classroom, teacher to teacher. ctd2005newday.jpg
I am looking at it as a new day, a new opportunity and hopefully along the way some of my reflections of what are taking place in my position will be helpful to someone else. I wish you all a healthy peaceful 2008!

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