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How do you begin to talk about shifts in classroom practice / pedagogy with colleagues? As you plan to share professional development how do you start? You want those attending to be excited to learn, as facilitators we want to be positive, upbeat and enthusiastic, yet many times we start with statistics which point to all that is wrong, we know the world is flat, and we are in danger of being outsourced. So how can we approach the conversation to build interest and excite people into action? I started to think about how to frame the conversations differently and I found this TED prize winner, Cameron Sinclair who in 2006 began the Open Architecture Network, he sponsors a yearly challenge for teams of teachers, students, architectures and designers to work together to design classrooms of the future. As I watched the video I thought why not use the analogy of physical building redesign –  to the redesign of teaching and learning practices?  How can we design a better learning environments – visioning better classrooms. What new learning spaces do you envision, both in physical structure as well as the what and how of learning? Enjoy the video which I am attempting to embed below, if it doesn’t work click here to watch.

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