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I haven’t blogged in several weeks; a personal issue has been in the forefront for me, one I am going to share with all of you. I am asking anyone who reads this for help in the form of good thoughts, prayers for Kyle’s family and for his safe return. The more time that passes the greater the chances are that the outcome will be anything but devastating; we continue to have hope and lean on faith for strength. On November 9, Kyle Fleischmann, disappeared in Charlotte, NC a friend of our family. Kyle’s best friend, Daniel Scagnelli, turned to Facebook for help, asking friends of friends to spread the word about his disappearance. As a result hundreds of people turned out to search in Charlotte, many have joined the space, leaving comments on the site has been a comfort to his family, the outpouring of support has been incredibly valuable to them. His mother, who has cancer, underwent surgery on November 16 as well. As a parent, I cannot imagine what this family is going through, not knowing; not wanting to think the worst, yet with each passing day it is harder to believe this will have a happy ending.

If your children are of college age talk to them about the importance of being safe, young men especially I believe feel they are invincible, and are not as careful as they should be when out for an evening, regardless if they are in a city or small town. It is important to not be out late alone, it is important to always be aware of your surroundings and to always be thinking clearly to react to whatever situation may present itself so one is safe. As overprotective as this sounds, it is true.

So please take a moment and think of Kyle and his family, and when you are with your family today remember, never leave anyone’s company with harsh words, or thoughts, let irritations go, life can change in a heartbeat and nothing will ever be the same.

Philadelphia Inquirer article from the weekend, how Facebook is also used as a positive tool.


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Paws for a Cure

Today is a local dog walk, Paws for a Cure, the walk raises money for Cure Search, the world’s largest childhood cancer research organization which brings together the Children’s Oncology Group and the National Childhood Cancer Foundation. This is a personal fund raiser for me organized in my area by my dear friends Sharon and Rob whose oldest daughter Sarah died of cancer 5 years ago at the age of 12 after battling the disease for 7 years. CureSearch is a relatively new organization providing assistance and information for parents. When Sarha was sick there was a great deal of information on the web about cancer, but children’s cancer is different than adult so in order to find to information about a child’s particular type was harder to find. Sarah was a blessing to all whose lives she touched, we love you Sarah. You can see a picture of Sarah here, at Alex’s Lemonade Stand website, Sarah and Alex knew one another, they and their familes were connected through CHOP, Sharon and Rob are active with Alex’s Lemonade Stand as well. If you care to make a donation to help fight childhood cancer.

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Our vacation started yesterday, we are on our way to New Hampshire, first stop New Rochelle, New York staying with our friend Don Geyra who is a scenic artist. It is always wonderful coming here, Don’s house is filled with beautiful art. Here is his latest work in progress I took this photo last night in his studio

As we sit out on their deck we have a lovely view of Long Island Sound, great way to start a week of relaxation and fun with friends. The best times are spent with old friends and family we are looking forward to a great week.

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