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In this 18 minute clip, JJ Abrams, (creator of LOST), speaks of inspiration, imagination and his belief in mystery as a catalyst for imagination, infinite possibility, hope and potential. When he writes he sees a blank page waiting to be filled with something fantastic. He believes whatever he writes needs to be worthy of the technology he is using. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our students to looked at writing in this way, writing as an expression of infinite possibility? Take a few minutes and enjoy watching this, I did.


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In looking around for good resources for all things video today I hit the jackpot with this site I found on Stephen’s Web, it is called the Video Toolbox. If you have any questions regarding hosting sites, how to buy a digital camcorder, add sound effects, how to convert files from one format to another plus a host of other interesting topics this is a site you will not want to miss!

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