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BelieveInTheFutureI saw this great image on Huge MacLeod’s GapingVoid and wanted to share it and ask how do you create the future you hope to see / believe in? Whether it is at home or where you work, do your beliefs / actions contribute to what you hope to be?


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Living in the Moment

I am beginning to inch my way back into my online life. I have been disconnected for the better part of the last three months; I knew I needed to find the balance I felt I had lost the balance between my passion for learning through my personal learning network and living in the moment. I wanted to take a break from the constant flow of information, new tools to try, new links to follow, and new blog posts to read. It isn’t that I don’t want to learn, I just needed to step away from the constant barrage, because I felt if I was made aware of something and didn’t try to follow up, learn something new, that I was somehow being left behind. My family doesn’t understand the personal learning network, and I struggle, especially with my husband, to explain it. In a blog post earlier this summer something Chris Lehmann said in a comment here has stayed with me.

This summer very dear friends of ours suffered a tragedy difficult to imagine, they were on a family vacation when their oldest child Tara died of a heart attack at the age of 30. This post is written for her, Tara Lauren Reidley. We have known the Riedley’s for 20 years, our children grew up together as well as Mark and I growing up with Ginny and Roger, growing up as parents, watching all the school plays, going to sporting events, ski outings, parent teacher organizations, school fund raisers, dances, back to school nights, graduations. Tara lived life out loud with the volume on high and we miss her. I hear the words to the Kenny Chesney song; Who’d You Be Today, all the time. I wear the pain like a heavy coat, I feel you everywhere I go, I see your smile, I see your face, I still can’t believe you’re gone, It ain’t fair: you died too young, like the story that had just begun, but death tore the pages all away. As a parent you never believe you will outlive your children, it just isn’t supposed to happen that way. Our hearts are with Ginny, Roger and Chad, their son, day in and day out.

Living in the moment, understanding time is the most precious gift we have to give another, for once given it can never be replaced, it can never be relived. Our lives can change in a heartbeat, never to be the same again. Don’t forget to live in the moment, to give those you love the time they deserve, for none of us knows what tomorrow will bring.

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